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John K Miles' work as a writer has organically evolved from long form music composition where he has routinely created narrative, libretto and lyrics as part of the process.

Please see below for completed projects:

The Unseen 2.JPG

Morag's Children

A cross world fantasy novel for young adults (upwards).

'An epic adventure set across three divergent parallel worlds, linked by the hidden subconscious realm of The Unseen. Technology is at odds with the natural world, as a deposed witch queen and her gifted orphan daughters strive against demonic forces, on their perilous journey towards being reunited and reclaiming their rightful place in the universe. The stakes are high, but as the story unfolds it becomes clear they are part of a deeper struggle between good and evil that has implications for the future of all humanity.’

River and Ash.png

River and Ash - Play a Mighty Groove

is a 2020/21 Radar Commission to re-imagine the Orpheus in the Underworld myth for 6 -12 year olds. The story is told in a mixture of prose and verse and focusses on the themes of friendship and the power of music.

The narrative is designed to work across multiple platforms: picture book, audio book, animation and live performance.
In 2021 The Little Angel Theatre created a digital interpretation of

River and Ash which can be viewed below.


Mistress of the Sea

Flash Fiction (300 words)


Runner up in Hampshire Writer's Society

Flash Fiction competition, April 2021


'A Tale of revenge with a twist.'


Full story below.

Mistress of the Sea

"The forked lightning strobed across the rocky beach, exposing a snapshot of natural violence. A brutal storm under a purple sky, generating twenty foot waves that were ripping huge chunks of sedimentary rock away from the cliff.

            Seth made his way to the shrine, sideways rain washing away fresh tears, as he cursed the gods for the hand he’d been dealt. Deep set anger and grief spurred him on. He broke into a sprint, pushing through the wind, towards the tidal cave that housed the totem.

            ‘Curse you!’ he said, as he reached the entrance, his hot temper directed at the manifest image of the goddess. The wooden statue stared back at him nonchalantly.

            ‘You’ve taken everything from me! She was my life!’

            Another streak of lightning ripped across the beach, lighting up the quartz gems which decorated the face of the ancient water deity. She was mocking him. Gloating. Impulsively, he unbuckled his axe and flew at the idol, desecrating it with short, powerful, relentless strokes. It took several minutes, but soon all that was left was the decapitated head of the goddess, lying face up in the wet sand. The remainder of the totem, had been smashed into hundreds of tiny fragments. For one brief moment Seth felt at peace. Revenge had been served. The goddess had drowned his love and now the price had been paid.

            His tears flowed freely.

            ‘Why did you take her from me so soon?’

            The mistress of the sea looked back at him with uncaring eyes, as a powerful wave crashed into the cave, lifting him off his feet. He was trapped. No escape. And as the full force of the ocean broke him against the cave wall, the head of the goddess was pulled back through the entrance into the deep."

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