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Updated: May 26, 2022

Only had time for 45m today. Focussing on sound. Also confirming that I want to keep this new 'vintage 8* Link Ebonite mouthpiece, kindly supplied by Dawkes Music. I was always struck (and inspired) by how my late good friend Christian Brewer used to warm up when we were at college. Whilst the rest of us used to play whatever latest lick we'd learnt, or play some long tones, he would just play and interact with the instrument. Since then I have tried to do the same, I've found by far the best and most ENJOYABLE way to get going is to improvise, land on notes and just listen. I've also been inspired by my old friend Jan Hendrickses, master flautist academic and deep thinker in his thoughts about expression. Looking beyond genre, language and emotion, a lot of it is arguably to do with the way we interact with the material of the instrument; the reed the mouthpiece and the horn in this case. And the breath of course.

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